The listening environment and the soundstage have been the subjects of extensive research with the most modern and advanced tools at ESB, just as the quality of the drivers has been a key factor in ESB research and development. ESB has one of the world's largest anechoic chambers (it can drop as low as 20 Hertz and to make measurements up to 3 meters), reverberation chambers, and more environments so as to simulate the different domestic conditions, etc. These are the technical tools that have allowed engineers to measure and analyze the ESB speakers for 50 years. But the instruments and computers were never the final solution. Listening was always been the factor that determined the final choices, a subjective listening made by Italians, who have always had a passion for music (classical or light makes no difference ) and they have developed, in many generations, a hearing, sensitive and refined, that we can consider the real crux of the ESB Sound. Come dal vivo: "JUST LIKE LIVE"

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